Prague´s underground-not just historical....

Come with us to the Prague’s underground!

The Prague Chamber of Commerce and Kolektory Praha, a.s. offer you to go and see one of two tours leading tens of metres through the underground of the Prague’s historical centre.         

What will you see?

Undergrounds tunnels – collectors where you can find most of engineering nets that ensure run of a modern city. Experts will show you a technology of building of collectors and the way of placing of engineering nets. They will show you a central control where you will see one of the most modern and largest system of monitoring in the world. They will also show you some of wells of engineering nets leading from collector directly to cellars of houses. You will see a mine railway station and take a ride on a mine lokomotive. You will get up to 40 metres underground. You will walk under historical monumets e.g.: the Powder Gate, the Municipal House, the Old Town Square, Týnský Cathedral ect. You will see Prague’s technical underground that is admired by experts from all around the world

What you shouldn´t miss in Prague? Gardens! The rest, relax and quiet places.